Have you ever noticed when you smell certain scents,  as the smell travels through your nose, you feel a quick lift in your mood.   That is because certain scents can trigger positive, “feel-good” endorphins and the release of serotonin. Therefore, quickly lifting your mood and bringing a “spark of joy” into that moment or your day.

Scent is so incredibly powerful to the human body it not only can affect our mood, but spark memories and even improve our cognition.  And it is a perfectly quick way you can bring joy to your workspace, home environment, classroom, car drive, and areas of your day where you need renewing of joy.

Think about it: For decades individuals and businesses have explored ways to harness the evocative power of smell. I am not just talking about in their bathrooms {wink, wink}.

When you go to Disney World, they are pumping out scents all around to enhance your experience.  Especially around the food areas.  Most high end hotels these days infuse a calming or an inviting scent in their lobbies to boost joy and happiness feelings for your stay.

Did you know that several years ago a Harvard Scientist worked on a technology in which a phone, called the oPhone, was developed to release a scent. It has a chip that actually releases a smell.

That is because experts and research have shown that smell is one of the most important ways we engage the world and can even have healing properties. Certain aromatherapies are used for cancer patients in hospitals now,  while others have been studied with college students to help anxiety, depression or insomnia.

Are you harnessing this wisdom into your life daily? You should be.  And I am here to encourage you to do so.  It is real, simple and easily accessible.


I so strongly believe in the power of scent, that I am intentional with it in all areas of my life and work {just note, I do not have allergies}.  Some of my favorite ways to bring a “joyful” scent into my surroundings and workspace are by using organic oils on my pressure points or in a diffuser. I also enjoy candles, plug ins, flowers (especially with eucalyptus), burning incense, or having a good air freshner to spray.

Here are a few items I use or give as gifts for incorporating aromatherapy in Sparking Joy Daily. 

  • My Favorite Diffuser on amazon – click here
    • I love it because it plays calm music beside me as I work and hasn’t let me down.


  • My Favorite Essential Oils  – click here
    • Peace, Love, Soap makes my favorite oils.  Breathe Easy and Natural Lavendar are my go to.
    • I do not get paid to sell this- it is a mompreneur who makes fabulous, organic aromatherapy.


  • My Favorite Candle – click here
    • “Smell my Nuts” –  bring some laughs to this one as a great gift…and it has a great warm, home baked smell for the fall season.


  • My Favorite Diffuser Bracelets – click here
    • For men or women.  And add a Peace, Love Soap essential oil with it.


I hope this blog was helpful.

I feel blessed with my career success and coaching, and believe in sharing and encouraging others with what has worked for me and many of my clients.

In this crazy, busy, fast paced world – don’t forget to take care of yourself.  Stay intentional.  And remember to fill your bucket back up with Joy.


{Several of the items I use these days I purchase right off amazon.  It is a quick and easy way to get them and I believe in sharing the things you love with others to encourage them in their journey.  Please know that as an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  But I only share what I love and use}