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The Power of Scent: To Spark Joy in Your Day

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    Have you ever noticed when you smell certain scents,  as the smell travels through your nose, you feel a quick lift in your mood.   That is because certain scents can trigger positive, “feel-good” endorphins and the release of serotonin. Therefore, quickly lifting your mood and bringing a “spark of joy” into that moment or your day. Scent is so incredibly powerful to the human body it not only can affect our mood, but spark memories and even improve our cognition.  And it is a…

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A Quick Way: To Spark Joy in Your Day

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  Have you ever wondered why there are certain places you go, certain things you may do, or certain thoughts you may have that can put you right into a joyful mood? We feel joy in our bodies when there is a release of dopamine and serotonin, two types of neurotransmitters in the brain. Both of these chemicals are heavily associated with happiness, and that is what takes place when you get these “bursts” of joy. As a mom and business coach, I not only…

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