How do you look at getting stuck?   Do you see it as a set back, trying time and resist it?  Or do you look at it as a gift, being at the right place, an opportunity?

Well a good coach and mentor will hopefully make you think about it.  Melissa West, a Founding Leader at John Maxwell Team, teaches “Why Stuck is Awesome.”

3 Reasons Why Stuck is Awesome:

1. Being Stuck Triggers Contemplation

It allows you to reflect at a deeper level.  To inquire from within. Thinking beyond the surface and observing yourself and circumstances.

These days we have become so busy.  We don’t take time to stop and reflect or even check in.  Instead we push through this robotic mode we’ve created.  It’s times when we get stuck that we may be lead there by an inner guidance.  So take this time to ask yourself, How can I respond to this situation.  With Love? With greater purpose?  What is leading me here? What am I learning? Is this an opportunity to reach, stretch and grow.

2. Being Stuck makes you Face your Fears

Facing your fears allows you to build faith to be stronger than your fear.  To achieve your highest potential you need to stop resisting your fears and resolve them or they will persist.  Welcome them in, do it afraid, address them and create peace.  Your freedom lies on the other side.

Ask yourself these questions:

What am I afraid of?

Where did this fear originate from?

Is this fear outdated?  Is it serving me?

What choices would I be making if fear wasn’t there?

3. Being Stuck means It’s Game Time

If you have any competitive nature in you…this is why stuck is awesome.  It means you get to play the game.  The game of how you would handle it.  Will you let it defeat you or will you use this experience to propel you forward.  It allows you to gain evidence and proof of evolution.  You get to acknowledge your rewards of hard work.

Amy Watts is a Certified Personal/Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer for the John Maxwell Team.   She is available for Coaching, Speaking, Seminars and Training engagements.