Focus is Power. What is your Focus or Vision?


I sit here this morning in excitement.  Practicing my talk for a webinar tonight to empower a large group of Entrepreneurs.    My overarching theme is FOCUS.  Focus is POWER.

Many of these Entrepreneurs started their company just for joy and others needed the income to survive.  Some of them have grown from a small one-person business into multi-million dollar companies.  While others enjoy keeping it small.

I share this with you because no matter where you apply these simple, and they are VERY SIMPLE and actionable items, they will have a powerful effect on your success.  So today take a moment or two and ask yourself,

“What is my FOCUS.  What is my VISION?”

Use these 5 areas to focus on daily in your life, and apply them.

  1. Prioritize: You must limit time-wasting activities and people in your life.  You need to ask yourself, “Is this activity or person serving me?”  Write down a list of activities and people that are most important in your life.  This is not an excuse to exclude your boss or mother-in-law, but it is a time to know who and what actions are positively impacting you and your life.  Once you have written your list you must establish firm boundaries so you can devote time to these HIGH- priorities.

I love a quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  It is one I keep hearing over and over and has made an impact on me.  “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”   Pretty powerful don’t you think?

So focus and prioritize on what is IMPORTANT first, not what is necessarily urgent.

  1. Disconnect: Yes, I said that and I give you permission. You must unplug and disconnect and make time for this throughout the day.  Believe me…I love technology and staying connected with social media myself.  It has made work easier.  But it has also created expectations of constant accessibility.  The work day never ends.  Have we forgotten that only 15 years ago we survived without being “on” all the time?  I still had to find and use a payphone to call someone if my tire was flat.   I survived, so it’s not crazy.

I want you to be aware that not unplugging is also proving to be unhealthy for your body.  There are numerous studies that are showing where cell phones and texting all day releases more stress, sleep problems and lower-levels of emotional well-being.  So take time to disconnect, you may learn something you can’t with it.

  1. Let go of Perfection: Perfection in not the goal, Incremental Growth is! Nothing ever starts perfect.  You, me, the world continues to grow and evolve and it does not happen with perfection.  If you strive for perfection you will BURN OUT!

I wish I was told this many years ago, as I too was an overachiever (which is ok).  However, I missed out on things, didn’t enjoy the journey and caused internal stress which only delayed my happiness.   So my recommendation for you is to stop falling in the “awesome trap,” because no one is awesome all the time.  Do things confused, not knowing and messy.  This is how you learn, grow and seek answers.  Build a buffer between you and others negativity and doubt.  Take time to release your own self-limiting beliefs.

  1. Meditate: You must take time for yourself to recharge and rejuvenate.  Your body needs to heal itself and not just during a night’s rest.  Like unplugging, meditation and quiet time have proven it is needed to have clarity, focus and heal your mind and body.  Even if it is for just 5-10 minutes you will be amazed how this simple act can enhance your effectiveness.  If anything do it for yourself, invest in you.  Don’t you deserve it?

     5Delegate: Stop trying to do it ALL.  Everyone knows that to do great things it takes a team.  The happiest and             most successful people know how to delegate and do it well.   Delegating can be a win-win situation.  Know                   your strengths, write them down and then delegate or outsource everything else.  If you don’t have the right                 team, then network and build it.

 Here are 4 objectives to incorporate when you delegate to help make a win-win.

  1. Be clear to give the person the whole task to do
  2. Make the person or team aware of the Big Picture. The impact and value it will bring.
  3. Make the person feel a part of something that is bigger than themselves. Make them feel a part of the whole and Big Picture.
  4. Be clear on exactly what you want them to do. Watch their work at first (that does not mean micro-manage) and ask them questions to ensure they understand and you are aligned.


So, in closing… Focus and Vision on what you want in life.  Take the time to prioritize what is self- serving you. Unplug, meditate and find “You Time.”  Perfection is not the goal, Incremental growth is.  Know your strengths and delegate or outsource the rest.   Find peace, calm and fulfillment.  Enjoy this short life we are given.   You deserve it my friend!


Amy Watts is a certified Personal/Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team.  She is available for Coaching, Speaking, Seminars and Training engagements.

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