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Private Coaching

In my private, one-on-one elite coaching all of the focus and attention is on you! We assess where you are at in all aspects of life, understand your strengths and gifts, envision the outcomes you want to achieve and then build your roadmap to achieving it.

“A coach is someone who makes you aware of what you can do, holds you accountable, so you can be who you want to be.” Amy Watts

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Career Coaching

Some of the signs you could use a career coach include unhappiness, frustration, lack of growth, fear, unhealthy behaviors, transitions and time management for work-life balance.

Here is how my Career Coaching will help you with your Career:

1. Resume & Cover Letters-
  • Updating, Formatting, Key Words, etc.
  • This is typically your first selling tool, make it your best!
2. Interviewing –
  • Preparation and asking Great Questions
  • Making Sure it’s a Fit
  • Follow up Process
  • Networking and Communication
  • The extra’s – Business Plan, 30-60-90 Day, Development Plan, etc.
3. Workplace Transitions
  • Starting or Quitting a Job
  • Starting your own Business
  • Retiring
  • Work-Life Balance
4. Professional Development
  • Leadership Assessment & Growth
  • Getting Promoted
  • Building Confidence and Influence
  • Training and Education
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Team or Group Coaching

Team Coaching is for businesses or teams who are all aligned and headed to a common goal or outcome, such as the completion of a particular project, the start of a new business unit, achieving team KPI’s or sales efforts.

Team Coaching is extremely useful for teams that are newly forming, with new leadership or re-forming after adjustment. It is successful with teams that are remote, cross-functional or lacking in leadership to help accelerate team performance and collaboration.

As a Team Coach my role to your success is:
  • Help develop and/or maintain a clear Vision and Plan for desired outcomes
  • Be a support for the team leader
  • Hold everyone accountable for their actions
Ensure all members are participating and collaborating
  • Encourage innovation, strategic thinking and problem resolution
  • Mentor development and leadership growth
  • Assist with positive conflict resolution and win/win outcomes

Group Coaching is for business groups and people who come together with a common interest but do not always have the same goal in mind. For example, a group of people may come together to be coached on effective leadership, but each individual has their own final goals to which they would apply their new skills to.

As a Group Coach my role to your success is:
  • A cost-effective way to reach several professionals at the same time
  • Create a safe and open environment so individuals will contribute and collaborate with trust and confidentiality
  • A tool to follow up or gain feedback on big picture items, such as training, leadership, improvement plans, core values, accountability, etc.
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