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Amy’s book will explain the need for goals and help you develop a year plan with incremental steps to achievement. Drawing on her experience working with Fortune 100 companies and as a wife and mother, Amy explains in approachable terms how you can implement a pro-active plan for life.

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What an excellent step-by step guide Amy has provided! Writing down goals and reviewing them daily has been a struggle for me, but not any longer thanks to the simple tools Amy has provided. Setting goals are important, but more importantly are the actions we take to accomplish the goals. This is evident when using the Growth Ring Tool and Growth Tree provided in the guide. I am a visual learner so the Growth Tree Tool (Vision Board) helped me to SEE my goals daily! It's as simple as cutting and pasting pictures then placing them on your desk as a daily reminder. That's where the awareness and clarity come in!!! Take baby steps if needed. Just remember that change and growth are good.This guide is a must!! You won't be disappointed!