The everyday me is an intentional mom, wife, and business owner.

I live in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC. I am a true animal lover, with 3 rescue beagles, and a part of my heart and mission is giving back. I have an amazing husband, and do not take for granted we have something special.

Before getting out of bed, I give thanks for another day of life on earth. I devote my morning to surrendering my day for God’s bigger plan and being a source + light for others.

But it was not always this way!

Truthfully, there are days I still struggle. As a high-capacity leader, who is goal oriented with a strong positive mindset, I know I am human. And so are you. I can get exhausted, overwhelmed, make comparisons, and even let my mind go astray and worry about the “what ifs.” I am not sure if that can ever completely go away. But I have learned not to stay there long. I learned those thoughts are normal, and instead of holding on to them, how to acknowledge them and move through them to “respark” the joy, purpose and abundance that is still all around.

Many years ago, I had a vision. What many call a divinely guided whisper (large goosebumps rising and all). That whisper shared with me a plan where I was to be a light for people in a bigger more powerful way then my corporate ladder of success. But I dismissed it very quickly. Because I had my own plan. I loved my plan. It was safe, lucrative, desirable, and what I had always thought I should work for.

Funny thing is – God shakes his head at our plan!


He promises nothing will be wasted. And now, after many years of coaching and starting my own business, I can tell you that promise is true. All those years were preparation for ways I would use the knowledge, expertise, and skills to help companies and professionals grow to their next  in Work + Life.  As the saying goes, “Each one, teach one.”

I am certified with The John Maxwell Team and Stephen Covey Leadership Teams, as well as a trained coach with multiple behavior and assessment programs like DISC, Myers Briggs, and Enneagram.

What I have learned for exponential growth is to, “Keep it Real and Keep it Simple.” 

With over twenty years of developing and growing teams, individuals, and companies, I have learned we try to complicate things way too much. That is what becomes the barrier, more than not, from people and businesses reaching their greatest levels of success and happiness.

I now coach clients on 6 of 7 continents to incredible levels of consciousness, performance, growth, accountability, and transformation. Giving tools to equip them for a lifetime.

If any of this resonates with you, and you desire that next level in your Work  or Business – come connect with me. You are what this is all for. 

I will  encourage you through my blog, or by sharing my favorite growth tools that have worked for me and my clients, or just follow me on social media to get daily doses of positivity to take action.  And if you are really ready...reach out and let me coach you to that next level!

I look forward to seeing you and hope my light will help yours shine brighter!