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April 2016

Coaching: The Unspoken Secret of Leaders

By Coaching/Consulting, Leadership Development

Coaching has been around for centuries.  Many know that Socrates was really a coach.  One of his famous quotes was, “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make you think.” Coaches are different than teachers and mentors.  They come with no bias and share no experiences, instead they ask questions (thoughtful, guided questions) so that one can think about the answer and become more self-aware.  This process enhances and builds ones clarity, confidence and thought process in the conscious state versus the unconscious.  It…

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Getting stuck can be awesome.

By Coaching/Consulting

How do you look at getting stuck?   Do you see it as a set back, trying time and resist it?  Or do you look at it as a gift, being at the right place, an opportunity? Well a good coach and mentor will hopefully make you think about it.  Melissa West, a Founding Leader at John Maxwell Team, teaches “Why Stuck is Awesome.” 3 Reasons Why Stuck is Awesome: 1. Being Stuck Triggers Contemplation It allows you to reflect at a deeper level.  To inquire…

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