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I’m Amy, the founder of Vision|Plan|Grow.  I am a business coach who helps companies and business owners push through the “stuck” and take action on what they need to get to the next level.

I’m a mom of two very active girls, a devoted wife to a successful entrepreneur, dog lover of 3 rescue beagles, caregiver to aging parents as well as owning my own business as a personal and business coach.  Probably like you, as I look at this long list of responsibilities (still many missing), I sometimes am exhausted at just reviewing all the roles I play and wonder how I have been capable of doing it sanely over the last decade.

However, there was a time I could not say this at all.   My life looked great from the outside-but on the inside I was living on autopilot.   I hit a plateau and lost my direction in playing the work and life game. I was suffocating under the weight of my responsibilities and possessions; my life kept getting bigger … but not better.

For years, I accepted this as normal because it’s what I saw all around me. Everyone I knew was living a crazy, busy life too—why should my life be any different?

Fortunately, I woke up and decided I needed to get back my vision and take action – and I did!  With twenty years of sales, marketing and executive leadership roles in Fortune 100 companies and start-ups,  I developed a Keep it Real, Keep it Simple approach to helping small companies and professionals get to the next level, like I did.

I use a unique, customized Vision|Plan|Grow roadmap with my clients to help  reignite their clarity and vision, map out a plan that pushes them into action with accountability, and leaves them with a roadmap for continued growth after our coaching time adjourns.

Over the years I have been blessed to help others walk their walk to heightened levels of growth, purpose, and intentionality. When you read my testimonials you will see the diverse group of clients who share they gained focus, clarity and a solid vision of what they wanted – which helped them discern distractions and keep moving to achieve that next level.

So if you feel like you have hit a plateau and need to respark or level-up your business or professional work, then lets connect.

My promise is to re-energize, equip, and hold you accountable with Real, Simple actions that move you forward to that next level.  Because nothing ever becomes great if it is complicated.

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Praise For Vision Plan Grow

During my professional career, I’ve worked for more managers than coaches. I can say with the utmost confidence, that Amy is the best coach I’ve worked for. As any good leader, Amy quickly recognizes individual strengths and opportunities. She separates herself from others in her ability to tailor development plans on an individual basis, while identifying ample opportunities to practice these skills. I staunchly recommend Amy to any person or group looking for a personal and/or development coach.

Scott Z.(Orlando, FL)

In working with Amy, her job was to shape and mold me into the best me possible. Her coaching techniques and tactics were NOT cookie cutter, but a very personalized approach. She understood my personality and my inner workings, and tailored her style to me. Working with Amy was nothing but a pleasure, and I feel my skills have flourished due to her coaching influence.

Megan H.(Charleston, SC)

I have known Amy on a personal as well as professional level for over 15 years. Her passion and dedication is coaching and developing individuals to their fullest potential through powerful conversations. Amy is exceptional at helping to identify someone’s strengths and then maximizing upon those for real results. Her knowledge and uplifting attitude help to inspire those she is working with as well as hold them accountable. During her successful career in several executive leadership positions, she has been able to effectively manage and develop others in various roles. Amy truly has a gift of empowering her clients to develop themselves and find their own answers. I would highly recommend Amy if you are looking for a business and/or personal coach!

Natalia K.(Dunwoody,GA)

Amy is a dynamic leader, a professional who wins the respect of others through her integrity and unwavering desire to stay passionate about her commitments. She consistently exceeds expectations. Her dedication and passion for helping others achieve the best brings great value. Organized and diligent, she provides her knowledge and expertise with grace and intelligence. I can confidently recommend Amy Watts.

John P.( Summerville, SC)

“Dependable, passionate and dynamic are just a few words I would use to describe Amy. She has a knack for finding the strengths in people and harnessing those strengths to help them grow to their potential. I had the privilege to work directly with Amy and in her role she was responsible for coaching me. She had an enormous impact on my success. At her core, she truly wants to help people evolve into what they want to become.”

Chris T.(Chapin, SC)

Amy loves helping others through coaching and support. She is a problem solver who always does her very best to help others find the answers they need. She will go the extra mile if someone needs it. She is happiest when helping others see their potential. She knows in her core who she really is and has discovered that she can make a career out of what she loves!

Leslie P.(Greenville, SC)

I believe coaching, life guidance is so important. We need to disconnect and let go and have someone guide the wheel from time to time. I had an amazing, life rejuvenating coaching weekend with Amy. I learned to take time to connect with my inner self. I would recommend this experience to anyone seeking direction, guidance or a jump start.

Hally P.(Greenville, SC)

I worked with Amy for many years. I was most impressed with her passion to help others succeed. I always felt like I could go to her with any challenges and she would help guide me with creative strategic solutions. She is one of the most positive and uplifting people. I don’t think there is a personal development book out there that she hasn’t read.

April J.(St. Louis, MO)

Amy has been my business and personal coach. She has already helped me overcome 2 of my Big Hurdles in less than 2 months and it has impacted my business tremendously. Her coaching has been extremely helpful with holding me accountable.

Adam S.(St. Louis, MO)

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