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Amy Watts is an International Career and  Business Coach, empowering personal and professional achievement through interpersonal, practical, highly effective, and proven methods. Her passion lies in helping individuals, businesses, and teams find their strengths and strategically develop their opportunities to grow in their vision.

Amy held executive leadership positions with start-ups and top 100 Fortune companies before becoming an entrepreneur with continued growth and success. Using the knowledge, skills, and tools she learned over 20 years, she started her own coaching business to help equip others looking to “Up Level” their career and business growth.

Today, Amy is transforming clients on six of seven continents to reach incredible levels of performance, growth, awareness, accountability, and transformation they desire. Amy helps her clients with expert resume services , career & promotion coaching, leadership development, and business growth plans.  She believes everyone should be encouraged and empowered to illuminate their value and skill to achieve their goals.

A Step By Step Guide to Living Intentionally

Amy’s book will explain the need for goals and help you develop a series of incremental steps to achievement. Drawing on her experience working with Fortune 100 companies and as a wife and mother, Amy explains in approachable terms how you can implement a pro-active plan for life.

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